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Non-Functional Testing Services - Overview

Our non-functional test management services include:

Performance testing - This tests the online and batch performance characteristics of systems to identify performance bottlenecks and performance-related design issues; this is generally done using automated performance testing tools, ideally in a production-sized environment.

Security testing - This can include functional security testing (access rights, authorities, etc) as well as internal and external intrusion testing (eg penetration testing); this can also include security procedures auditing.

Resilience & Recoverability testing - Resilience testing confirms that the system can recover from expected or unexpected events without loss of data or functionality. Recovery testing confirms that the affected system can be restarted successfully after an outage.

Operational Acceptance testing (OAT) - Operational testing takes place in the final acceptance stage of the project. OAT includes formal tests to satisfy the IT operations department that the developed system can be operated correctly in the production environment.

DDA/Accessibility testing - This testing evaluates the compliance of the system with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and the ease of access for users with disabilities.



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