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We believe firmly that the non-functional aspects of any IT programme must be considered throughout the end-to-end lifecycle: from project initiation; through starting the non-functional requirements (NFRs) process; through the end-to-end non-functional testing (NFT) phase; through to post-live BAU monitoring, as illustrated in this figure.  We are able to provide services at all points in the lifecycle, encompassing:

  • Early strategic engagement in the programme lifecycle to ensure NFRs and NFT are placed firmly on the agenda and are properly recognised and planned as essential components of the programme.
  • Definition of critical NFRs to identify key drivers in the early design, sizing and contract negotiation stages.
  • Production of detailed NFRs to support downstream testing and other activities.
  • Management of non-functional testing.
  • Consultancy and auditing around existing non-functional testing programmes.

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